Monday, May 13, 2013

May 12

Starting close to home base.  (before)

Cornerstone Estate

Never knew these existed, the are building a second one. 
This reminded me of an article I read the other day in regards to growing Winnipeg and the dilema between expanding the city or building denser, which means more high rise buildings and condos. 
Anyways I wonder how this area of the city will look in a couple of years, i'll probably have to go back to walk some new streets.
I often wonder how many people read church billboards and what an impact they make. It might just be the right verse at the right time for someone out there. Also I love the Canada Flag. 

Faith Covenant Refromed Church
Popko Crescent
New street my map didn't even know yet. What always amazes me how they manage to built houses with little to no windows on up to two sides of the house. I understand that you might not get any sun cause the hauses next to you are blocking it but you will still get some light.

So much yard and no fence, I like it!

Ultimate sports cuts
So there is a little strip mall arising at the east end of knowles, most of the stores are unfinished, i walked by and just looked in all the windows. This one honestly juding by what you see thru the window should be a river city sports, it took me quite a while to figure out that they cut hair. It seemly like if you want to get the same hair cut as your favourite athlete this is the place to go. Didn't know such a place even existed.

More Condos

Cindy Klassen Way

 Didn't know she had a street named after her. Also I like that it's a way, not many ways in Winnipeg.



The Cube
 The Rebell house, it's suqare.


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