Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Well since the weather has been kinda crapy all weekend I thought I would cheer y'all up with some pictures from when it was nice. 
Sometimes I have noted to people how the neighbourhood feel in Winnipeg is so different from what I'm used to in Germany. For example in Germany I can probably tell you who lives in 90percent of the houses on my street. You can't really walk around the neighbourhood without running into people and stopping to talk. Yet here I have lived in the same house for 5 years now and still only know like 3 people on my street. I'm still thinking that part of it is cultural but part of it definitly has to do with the weather. And the reason why I have never seen people come out of their houses and spend time outside all these years is cause most of the time I leave when there is still  snow and come back in fall when its just about to snow again. So its actually been quite the experience for me to see people swarm out as soon as it got warm. 

Despite of people being outside and mingeling with their neighbours, not many people greeted me, in fact only two. One was a mere being aknowledged by a lady, probably due to the fact that I just kept looking at her as I walked by,  so there was no escaping. The other one as a pretty forward hello by an older man, it came with an tone and look saying "what are you doing here looking rround so curious", I felt like I as judged as somebody who is checking out the area so that I can come break in at night.

House number 55 ahm I mean yard number 55
Where is the house?

gateway community center form the back
lost house
This isn't a very good picture, but when alking up to this house the first thing it reminded me of was what a think of as typical charleswood houses, like a longer square with a, pointy roof, an unattached garage and a ditch between the street adn the front yard. So yep not sure how this house sneaked it's way into North Kildonan

beautiful sky
getting dark
As mentioned before I saw a wide variety of people on the walk one couple I cam across was an east Indian couple. He was wearing athletic wear shorts and a shirt like the all North American guy, yet she was dressed in East Indian traditional clothing, I thought that was interesting. What was entertaining though was that her clothing kept making clinky sounds as she was walking which made me think of jingle bells as well as this video.


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